Our vision

Become a leading provider of trainees in cyber security, data analytics, and AI/machine learning to companies who want to be part of the solution to the refugee crisis. In the process, we will give refugees the opportunity to build lasting careers.



Lynke is a US-registered B-Corporation which links refugees and disadvantaged people from host communities with tech jobs in two ways:

  • employing them directly to perform outsourcing work for international clients;
  • a six-month training program in app-building, combined with academic, professional and soft skills, resulting in an internationally-recognized qualification and certification.

Lynke’s refugee graduates gain not only skills but human dignity: rather than continuing to be a burden on humanitarian assistance programs, they can make plans for their future and provide for their families.



Refugees  will go through a normal hiring process, where they will be tested on their computer skills.

The training curriculum blends academic and soft skills with hands-on training in cyber security, data analytics, and AI/machine learning.

Students who graduate the program will receive a globally-recognized certification.

We work with tech companies to link graduates with full-time employment opportunities. Refugees are resettled with full-time jobs, while we find employment.




We aim to recruit as many girls as boys for the program.

We recruit only candidates who show a genuine interest in tech.

We develop the skills and confidence of refugees for life after being dependent on aid.

School attendance is mandatory throughout the program.

We provide graduates with employment opportunities.