Empower young adult refugees & disadvantaged youth in host countries



Our Vision

Empower young adult refugees, while easing pressure on host countries, by training and providing full-time employment opportunities for both refugees and disadvantaged host country youth. Inspire countries and companies around the world to do the same.

This is a global issue, and governments should come together for a joint solution and engage the private sector who can provide jobs, education and skill training. There are skill gaps to be filled and millions of refugees who can fill them.
— Nancy Lindborg, President of the United States Institute of Peace

The crisis

The world has more refugees than ever before

40 million refugees are internally displaced

40 million refugees are internally displaced

20 million have fled across borders

20 million have fled across borders

In syria alone...

8.4 million children, +80% of Syria's child population has been affected by the conflict

8.4 million children, +80% of Syria's child population has been affected by the conflict

7.6 million are internally displaced

7.6 million are internally displaced

This wastes human and economic potential

  • Refugee status & local laws do not permit the majority of displaced people to work
  • Protracted crises over decades impose multiple social and economic costs
  • Innovative ways to enable refugees to develop and use their talents make sense from both an economic and a human perspective


Become a leading provider of top quality application-building and outsourcing services - in partnership with Microsoft, HP and others - in order to help refugees to build new lives and improve relationships between refugees and hosting communities. 


Make A Difference


Our plan 

Jordan currently hosts more than 650,000 Syrian refugees. Although refugees often encounter political and social opposition to securing employment in host countries, the Jordanian Government has authorized three areas where refugees are permitted to work: Irbid, Ramtha, and Mafraq. 

Lynke is working in coordination with the Jordan Government and Microsoft to offer unparalleled access to training and employment for program participants, which be composed of refugees and disadvantaged Jordanian youth. By having Jordanians and Syrians work and learn side-by-side, Lynke builds mutual understanding that improves relationships between refugees and host communities. 

Lynke provides refugees with hope, dignity, and a long-term route out of camps, while also reducing the burden of support on the Jordanian government.

Lynke will begin by working with Syrian refugees in Jordan, and plans to expand to include other nationalities and host countries soon after.


Why Jordan?

Jordan has established special zones near the Syrian border where international corporations and displaced Syrian businesses can employ refugees. When Syria becomes safe again, the businesses can relocate.

In the meantime, Jordanian firms also stand to benefit as the growth of industrial clusters creates economies of scale – helping to realise the country’s existing economic development ambitions.

Tech skills are transferable geographically, increasing the scope for trained refugees to relocate back to their regions of origin when it is safe to do so, and contribute to rebuilding their communities.